Evie’s 4 Month Update

Evie 1.jpg

Now I know I’m way behind, seeing that I haven’t done any update on how Evie is but with a newborn they change so much and i’d be updating every week.

So since Evie has arrived we’ve pretty much been in a newborn bubble and not bothered with updating anything other than our instagram feeds. At 4 months Evie is such a little character and is changing every day. She can now hold her own bottle and was completely exclusively breast-fed until 4 months as of now she has a formula in the morning and one in the evening purely because she was gaining weight slowly so we are attempting formula to see if it helps. She is a pretty sicky baby one of the reasons why she could be slowly gaining weight. We currently give her Infacol before every feed and Gaviscon every other feed.

She has been teething since around 2 and a half months old but no teeth have cut through just her gums incredibly sore for her and she is a constant dribble machine. She has slept through the night since birth which was amazing for us but how on earth mums get anything done during the day with a baby not having any naps is beyond me. Her dad has got her into a bad habit of wanting to be held constantly and now im stuck as to what to do to try and get her out of it.

She loves music and also me (her mummy) singing to her, she’s not really a fan of nursery rhymes although my dad (her grand-pops) sings the wheels on the bus to her and she loves it, but i’m pretty sure its because she just loves him. Every time we put her in her bouncer chair she tries to sit up, she’s not really mastered tummy time, mainly because she hates being on her stomach, I put that down to constant wind but she hates it. But she is such a clever and funny little monkey. She loves the camera and is always constantly smiling when its out, she also is a very talkative baby. We’ve recently been putting her in a jumperoo but propping her up with a cushion and blankets around her as she doesn’t quite fill it yet as she is still tiny but she absolutely loves it.

Evie has become a brand rep for some companies on instagram and also has been featured twice on instagram shops and also notice by Beatrix Potter themselves.

we are so proud of the little girl she is becoming and I really don’t want my baby to grow up.



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