Janod Lagoon Maxi Cooker -Review

Become a little chef with the lagoon maxi cooker! The perfect fully equipped kitchen for your little youngsters. With 15 accessories your children will be cooking away alongside you in no time!


The Accessories that are included are as follows:

  •  set of pegs for hanging 3 metal spoons
  • 1 metal saucepan and lid
  • 1 metal colander
  • an oven glove
  • a fried egg
  • 7 cardboard food boxes (cacao, sugar, orange juice, pasta, cheese, milk and rice)

It also has a fridge, oven, hob and microwave. The hob has led lights and sound effects that switch off automatically after 30 seconds or if you press the button a 3rd time.


The Janod kitchen arrived packaged in a big cardboard box protecting the original outer branded packaging. I opened the outer packaging and inside revealed a fully protected flat pack kitchen complete with bubblewrap. I emptied out all contents of the box and placed them out flat on the carpet. I did this to help separate the parts so I could easily distinguish what I needed next. I found the instructions and started to build. I found it quite difficult to work out what screws were what and also what parts were what this could have been easily helped if they were labelled saving me and extra 30 minutes off of the building time.img_5606.jpg

Once all the screws were separated into their own little pots I began to make a start finally. The instructions were a bit difficult to follow when trying to know which part was what. It didn’t give detailed instructions just a little diagram of the parts together. After a good couple of tries, I found screwing the screws into the parts separately before attaching together was a good move, this enabled the screw to make the desired fit before having to try and pop it together with hassle. you need to put a little pressure on the screw when screwing in so that you can make the screw thread to the bit of plastic that keeps it in. After all this I was away with building until I finally got to the last bit attaching the kitchen to the fridge and boy if you’ve got small arms you’re fine but if not its a tad difficult, you’ll be fine if you prescrew the screw holes before hand but if you don’t you may find it fiddly.

We finally added everything together and set it up in its spot and I can tell you the quality of it is amazing, its solid! we chose to send it to the grandparents as Evie can share with her little cousin Callum while they are there together when me and my sister-in-law are at work. Best move straight away Callum was hooked and alongside the little accessories that came with it he added his little play toaster and the plates and cups that he already had there. We were having a ball! he absolutely loved that he could fry and egg and serve it up for his granddad. Evie was mesmerised with what Callum was doing.



  • 15 accessories
  • solid wood – good quality
  • colourful
  • sound effects
  • packaged well


  • Hard to build alone
  • Instructions not very clear only diagrams
  • could do with labelled parts for ease

Overall the Janod Kitchen is the perfect present for your soon to be little chef. we would fully recommend and has been approved by Callum and Evie as an amazing addition to the household!

Don’t forget you can take a look at the kitchen from Jonod themselves or the kitchen is available to buy from HelloBaby for £199.99





Dad Diaries

Daddy Diaries – Birth from my perspective

Firstly lets jump back a few weeks previous to the day of Evie’s birth. The day of what should have been our last scan, we headed to the hospital for our appointment, when being scanned by the Sonographer it showed that the baby was still breech in Amy’s Belly. We were told to go back to the waiting room where we will be met by a head midwife who specialises in this sort of issue. We were told that we had two options. option one was to have an “elective Cesarean” (I say this in abbreviations as it wasn’t as if we actually had a choice wether to have a c section or not) or two an ECV (external cephalic version). Basically an ECV is where a trained midwife/nurse or doctor try to use different massage manoeuvres to gently push the baby out of the breech position. We obviously elected the ECV as Amy was adamant the Caesarean was a last resort. This however did not work. Although we were hoping for a natural birth, unfortunately Evie had other ideas as she decided she wanted to be breech (she was laying with her bottom in Amy’s pelvis). After the failed attempt at the ECV we were told information briefly about the caesarean and were told that we would expect a phone call of our date to have Evie and that as long as Evie was still breech on the day, everything would go as planned. Amy received the email to say our date was 4th February and that we were to attend a meeting with the surgeons and midwife unit at the hospital the friday before to discuss everything.
We had everything we thought we would need a few months before
hand all ready and packed in the boot of our car, just in case Amy went into labour
whilst we were out anywhere. We made sure we had more than enough for both Amy
and Evie (a few bits for me as I could always nip home for more anyway) just in
case they needed to stay in hospital if anything went wrong (I would say this is a
must have prepared as you don’t want to be messing around when your partner is
in labour thinking of what you need in a panic).
The Friday soon arrived and we headed to the hospital with Amy’s mum as she wanted to be involved as much as she could because she was Amy’s second birthing partner originally. The consultation included everything that would happen during the C-
Section, how they would do it, how many they do a day (excluding emergency
ones) how long it should take to recover in hospital and what time to be at the
hospital for. We got told to be at the Maternity ward for 6:30am on the Monday (so
3 days after the consultation).
As the weekend came to a close we all got up early on the Monday morning (me,
Amy and her mum Janine), triple checking we had everything including the car
seat as you cannot take your baby out of the hospital without one of these.
As we got to the maternity ward, we were all taken to the bed in which Amy would be
spending her time in hospital in, it was surrounded by another 3 beds so we were not alone. A few hours into waiting Amy received a hospital gown to change into ready for when we go down into surgery, I got given a pair of scrubs to change into as well. At this point the reality started to hit me that I was going to be a DAD! I was slightly nervous as I
didn’t know what to expect.
A few more hours had passed and we were told that we were next and heading down to theatre shortly.
All three of us headed down to theatre room but Janine had to wait in a waiting room just down the corridor as you can only have one person with you in actual theatre.
As we got into theatre, the reality really and truly hit me that this was it, it was
happening soon, I was going to meet my own flesh and blood, my baby daughter.
I got told where to sit (next to Amy’s head). If I remember correctly, we went into
theatre at around 11am, the 28 minutes from when we got into theatre to when
they showed us our baby girl went really quick, it seemed like we were only in there
for a few minutes before they lifted Evie up in front of us. Both of us were ecstatically happy to meet our little bundle of joy weighing in at just 7lb 3oz (3.3Kg) it took a while for the midwifes to clean her up and finish weighing her.
Cutting the cord was the best thing in the world and so far nothing I can think of can top it (apart from meeting Evie and Amy of course) it’s a feeling that is hard to explain, but it brings out the reality more, that it is real.
Because Amy had just had surgery they obviously needed to sew Amy up. During this I was taken with Evie into the Recovery room for the C-Sections, the midwife cut open my scrubs and handed Evie to me so we could do skin-to-skin contact (which is very important as it’s the initial bonding with parent and baby)
I must been cradling Evie for at least an hour I think, but this seemed like a good few hours, I just didn’t want to let her out of my arms. Eventually Amy was wheeled out of theatre (Amy had lost a bit more blood than normal c section so needed to monitor her a bit longer) I had to give Evie to Amy so she could at least try and breast feed,
which Evie latched on really well I believe she drank for around 45 minutes, about
20 minutes after Evie got fed we were taken back to the ward. On the way back to
the ward, we met up with Janine who followed us back to Amy’s bed.
We got back onto the ward at around 1pm I believe and the first thing we did was put Evie in her first ever sleep-suit and then placed her into the little plastic cot that the hospital provides for you for your baby to sleep in. Amy was finally allowed food and drink after nearly 14 hours of not having anything. The nurse arrived with a cup of tea and two slices of toast for Amy to eat.
Changing her nappy just came second nature to a point (you
don’t realise how runny, black and quick a baby can poo if you’re not prepared) as one of
her nappies I changed, I wasn’t quite quick enough with her nappy and she poo’d in the
cot (obviously I have become a lot better since).
While all 3 of us were still over the moon of Evie, we had Amy’s brother (Liam) and dad (Dee) turn up to visit at around 3:30pm/4Pm (obviously plenty of pass the baby and pictures) everyone was overly happy and cooing over Evie.
As time went on the midwives came and took out Amy’s catheter and advised Amy to take a shower. Luckily the shower room was right next to the bed (it’s a shared shower room for patients) so we called a midwife to help us with everything like hot water towels etc. We asked Amy’s parents and brother to watch Evie for a few minutes which they obviously did not mind.
So whilst I was helping Amy get washed, we had to be very careful of the dressing they put over her C-Section as to not get it wet and obviously Amy was still very sore. As we were about to dry Amy she turned to me and said to me that she felt funny and with that she collapsed and hit her right shoulder and bit of her head. I was not prepared for her to go down and she was against the wall so could not easily catch her as she went down, luckily the midwife showed us both were the emergency pull cord was in case this sort of
thing happens, when I pulled the cord, it seemed like the midwives took hours to
come but i think it was only seconds.
I really panicked as I didn’t know quite what to do as i’ve never been put in that sort of situation before. As Amy came to, she asked why she was
on the floor as she didn’t quite understand what had happened so we explained that she fainted/collapsed, and she didn’t quite realise she had she just said that she had a really good sleep (it was only about 30 seconds she was out). With this we quickly got her dressed and took her back to her bed.
As we got her back to bed, her family were obviously quite concerned for her and
wondered what had gone on as all they heard was a loud bang and midwives rushing in, Amy’s mum was panicking! So obviously we told them, with this the midwifes asked Amy if she wanted any pain killers or if it hurt anywhere she said she would like some pain killers and that her left shoulder hurt (bearing in mind she hit her right side in the
shower) turns out she fainted as she lost quite a bit of blood in theatre and there was also no extractor fan in the bathroom and all Amy had really eaten was some toast and tea before-hand.
Amy was then asked if she wanted any dinner, she naturally said yes as she hadn’t really eaten much during the day, she opted for a lasagne as during the pregnancy she couldn’t eat any red meat or any meat really so wanted to see if she could eat it again finally and she did luckily! About half way through her dinner her family left us alone for the night.
The next morning I woke up and Amy hadn’t really got much sleep due to being
ecstatically happy because of Evie, as the morning became more midday a midwife
came round to check on Evie’s ears, to make sure her hearing was either okay
or perfect, unfortunately she could only get a reading from on ear clear and not
the other ear, we had to go and check her other ear at our nearest hospital (the
other ear was fine).
While we were still at the hospital we had a rep from Bounty
turn up who wanted to take some pictures of Evie, we had to go to a different part
of the ward to have these taken, this only took about 20-30 minutes in total and
Evie was very well behaved (she was a sleep all of the time being new born).
Because of Amy’s fall and blood loss due to the C-Section she had to have regular
checks for her blood pressure and heart rate, which kept fluctuating between
good and relatively bad almost all of the time it was relatively high, so we could
not leave the hospital early (your usually in for 24 hours after the C-Section so
should have left at 11:30am/mid-day) I wouldn’t say that we were having regular
check-ups but we were having a few check-ups. For the last few check-ups we
had a really nice bubbly lady that I don’t think was quite a midwife but she knew what
she was doing. Once she saw that Amy’s pressure went down, she went and
spoke to a midwife who then dis-charged us.
As we were leaving the hospital, we made sure we had everything with us as we
didn’t really want to turn around and get it all. Carrying Evie out of the hospital
was like carrying out a box of fragile dolls, making sure to be extra careful with
every step I took and making sure that Amy was okay as she was obviously still very sore.
When we got to the car, I made sure that Evie was strapped in nice and tightly So
that the car seat didn’t move in case the worst was to happen, also making sure that
Amy was comfortable in the front seat. When they were both sorted, I got into the car and drove us all home.
I’m not entirely sure what I thought would happen on the day or the day after
apart from thinking we would not have been in hospital for as long as we were, I
thought that we would only be in there until about 10am Tuesday. I was not
expecting Amy to fall over in the shower at all, that did panic me a lot. I was
extremely proud of Amy as she didn’t originally want a C-Section, she wanted a
natural birth, so to go through something she didn’t want made me very proud of
her knowing that she could do just about anything that she could put her mind too.
Blog Takeover

Blog Takeover : Dr. Amanda Tavoularis

How a Healthy Diet Can Affect Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

Dr. Amanda Tavoularis (


Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life. Growing your family and bringing a life into the world is a beautiful thing, and you’re probably hustling trying to prepare for the little one’s arrival.


One thing to keep in mind during your pregnancy is your oral health, and how your diet affects it. I have been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years and have worked with a lot of pregnant women on how to optimize their diet to have the best dental health for them and their baby.


Here is a list of tips and suggestions for you to use during your own pregnancy.


Why A Healthy Diet is Important


Once you learn that you’re pregnant, it’s more important to eat a well-balanced diet. What you eat during your pregnancy affects the development of your baby, so you’ll want to make sure that your baby is getting a sufficient quantity of nutrients including protein, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and D.


It’s also common for women to experience strong cravings during their pregnancy. Frequent snacking can be an invitation for tooth decay, which left untreated can result in gum disease. Pregnant women are already more susceptible to gum disease due to their changing hormones, so it’s important to be mindful of your snacking habits and do your part in trying to prevent any oral issues.


Talk with your physician and dentist on advice regarding your diet while pregnant and work to choose foods that are healthy for you and your baby.


Tips for Eating Healthy While Pregnant


The best way to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet during your pregnancy is to eat a variety of healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products, lean proteins, and a variety of dairy products. Be mindful of your sugar intake and try to limit your consumption of sugary cookies, candies, juices, etc.


Another way to keep a healthy diet is to drink plenty of water, especially between meals and snacks. If you can, drinking water that contains fluoride will help your teeth remain healthy throughout your pregnancy.


Finally, receiving the recommended amount of folic acid throughout your pregnancy will help reduce the risk of birth defects. You should consume 600 micrograms of folic acid each day. You can do this by taking a dietary supplement and eating foods high in folate and foods fortified in folic acids. This includes foods such as asparagus, broccoli, and leafy greens, legumes, and a variety of fruits including papaya, oranges, strawberries, cantaloupe, and bananas. You can also find grain products fortified with folic acids such as bread, cereals, pasta, and rice.


Once you learn that you are expecting a child, it can be one of the most special times in your life. It’s also important that during this time, you take proper measures to keep you and your baby healthy. One thing to be aware of is your diet and how it affects your oral health. Both of these are extremely important for the development of your little one. Eating a well-balanced diet and having a good dental care routine are the best ways to keep your mouth healthy for the both of you.



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SilverCross Coast – Product Review



We were lucky enough to try and test out the new Silver Cross Coast in Flint. When I was pregnant with Evie, we searched and searched for the right pram and eventually settled with a Mothercare pram. I always had my eye on a Silver cross but never really got the chance to fully delve deeper into what they were like. Being able to test this pram is everything and more, it helps so much and is 10x easier now, not having to switch the pram from car to car and obviously the Mothercare has taken a backseat considering the Silver cross is everything a mum could dream of.

Packaging and Assembly

 The Coast was delivered very quickly and arrived in perfect condition, which you would expect for the price. As we very slowly and carefully unboxed every aspect of the pram we began to notice how well packaged it actually was. The pram itself was protected very well anything you think of had a protective cover. The chassis, carrycot and tandem seat came out as one big bulk and the wheels and everything else came packaged separately. We found the instructions and popped it all together. We didn’t really use the instructions much when building as it was pretty simple and easy enough to do. However, when finding the accessories like the mosquito net, there wasn’t any instructions as to how to attach it properly. When reading the instructions, we found out that not only is this pram a single pram but it is fully adaptable into turning into a double pram if you buy an extra tandem seat and the adaptors. It also comes included with 3 years warranty.

First Outing

We decided to first test the Coast in an environment which most people go to. The Shopping centre! We ventured into lakeside shopping centre in Thurrock. We knew we needed a day trip to fully test the pram. On first note we thought we would struggle with putting the pram in the boot as it’s not a small pram and we only have a Ford focus. However, we couldn’t have been more wrong the prams openness chassis when laying down helps to put the carrycot and tandem seat in the boot of the car with still enough room for a couple of bags of shopping. With our Mothercare pram we can only get the one-piece in. I like to wear flip flops A LOT but the downside to our Mothercare pram is when putting the break on it is hard to get it back off as this would hurt my foot, however with the Silver cross it’s not just merged into one brake. The brake is separate to the release, which I adored because it means I can wear my flip flops and be lazy and not have to bend down to release the brake. We found that on a shopping spree like this it was super handy to have a big underneath storage which I can tell you came to use and cleared my hands of having to carry anything. We loved the fact it came with a cup holder, this came in handy, I love to carry my water around with me and because it’s in a straw cup putting this in my changing bag would mean it would leak everywhere, the cup holder just attaches to either side of the pram and you can stick any drink into it including a baby bottle with handles.


With Evie only being 4 months old we actually managed to be able to test the carry cot too. As you can see she still has plenty of room in it so we can still get plenty of use. We use the carrycot mostly when she is having a nap or is tired as she loves being able to look around so the tandem seat comes in handy. You can use this for naps anyway as it reclines to 3 different positions. We love the fact that it has a spf50+ hood and pull out visor this is perfect for the mini heatwaves were having at the moment. The mosquito net comes in handy when visiting the beach and evening trips to keep all the bugs out.


We loved the Silver cross pram but have noticed a couple of cons. With the Flint colour, the chassis scratches pretty easily, getting in it and out of the car it slightly scratched the chassis (not majorly noticeable) also the number of accessories you get with the pram you would expect there to be something that either comes with it like a little bag or a buyable add on item to attach to the pram. Something other companies offer already. We also noticed that the little window on the back of the pram (peep hole) doesn’t stay open very well. For the price of the pram it’s also a shame that you don’t get the cosy toes free, it’s quite an expensive add on item.


Although it does have a few downfalls, there is no doubt in my mind that this pram is perfect for everyday use. We have loved being able to use this and will continue now using this pram for future outings and adventures. It is definitely worth every aspect of the price and the details that have gone into making this pram are amazing. We would recommend this pram to any new parent having to make that tough decision of a pram.


Evie’s 4 Month Update

Evie 1.jpg

Now I know I’m way behind, seeing that I haven’t done any update on how Evie is but with a newborn they change so much and i’d be updating every week.

So since Evie has arrived we’ve pretty much been in a newborn bubble and not bothered with updating anything other than our instagram feeds. At 4 months Evie is such a little character and is changing every day. She can now hold her own bottle and was completely exclusively breast-fed until 4 months as of now she has a formula in the morning and one in the evening purely because she was gaining weight slowly so we are attempting formula to see if it helps. She is a pretty sicky baby one of the reasons why she could be slowly gaining weight. We currently give her Infacol before every feed and Gaviscon every other feed.

She has been teething since around 2 and a half months old but no teeth have cut through just her gums incredibly sore for her and she is a constant dribble machine. She has slept through the night since birth which was amazing for us but how on earth mums get anything done during the day with a baby not having any naps is beyond me. Her dad has got her into a bad habit of wanting to be held constantly and now im stuck as to what to do to try and get her out of it.

She loves music and also me (her mummy) singing to her, she’s not really a fan of nursery rhymes although my dad (her grand-pops) sings the wheels on the bus to her and she loves it, but i’m pretty sure its because she just loves him. Every time we put her in her bouncer chair she tries to sit up, she’s not really mastered tummy time, mainly because she hates being on her stomach, I put that down to constant wind but she hates it. But she is such a clever and funny little monkey. She loves the camera and is always constantly smiling when its out, she also is a very talkative baby. We’ve recently been putting her in a jumperoo but propping her up with a cushion and blankets around her as she doesn’t quite fill it yet as she is still tiny but she absolutely loves it.

Evie has become a brand rep for some companies on instagram and also has been featured twice on instagram shops and also notice by Beatrix Potter themselves.

we are so proud of the little girl she is becoming and I really don’t want my baby to grow up.



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Our Favourite Buys

Recently becoming first time parents we’ve become accustomed to the baby buys. However when I first became pregnant it was very daunting as to what we actually needed to buy and what was a necessity rather than what we wanted and liked but didn’t really need. 

I remember spending hours scrolling through other peoples blogs as to what they bought that I would need. After having Evie I realised that certain things we bought didn’t actually work for her so the hours I spent reading through peoples blogs were pretty much a waste. 

However I did pick up a few products that Evie did actually like, I will list some of these down below with links attached.


  1. Sleepyhead of Sweden


I really didn’t want to make this purchase however much I really wanted one, after a mothercare near me was closing down and everything went on sale I finally gave in and bought one, I’m so grateful i did because Evie absolutely loves it. the sleepyhead is easily moveable and keeps her from moving around during her sleep, it prevents her from rolling over and I’m not 100% sure but I think it may have been partly the reason she has slept all night long since birth. I felt at ease at night knowing she is relatively safe from hurting herself. 

2. Arlo Baby Camera


We wasn’t going to really bother with a baby camera as she currently sleeps in the room with us until we move out of our parents home, but after the first night at the hospital I didn’t sleep as I was constantly watching to make sure she was breathing. We ended up spending a little bit of money and getting the Arlo baby camera. Im honestly so glad we did, it is amazing and has put my mind at ease, not only does it work with our amazon spot it also tracks the room conditions and tells me when motion & audio is detected. We have it set up to monitor only when she is in the room but the camera is on 24/7 so it acts as cctv for our room to which is quite handy. When you download the Arlo app you can also view the monitor when you’re out which is really good for Kevin when he is at work as he can check in on Evie.

3. Infantino Baby Carrier


We Bought this baby carrier so Kevin was able to carry Evie around as well as me, I have a wrap which I found to be ok but I preferred the carrier as she felt more secure but to be honest it was probably because I had no clue how to even wrap her properly. I can’t fault the carrier so far, its been super handy as Evie has never liked being left on her own, so getting jobs around the house done was super tricky with the carrier we were able to put it on and her in it and get on. The one we picked was 4 in 1 and is super handy for when she gets older.

4. Mothercare Journey Edit Pram


We were lucky enough to have our pram bought for us but for only £350 our mothercare pram is basically a cheaper version of a silver cross. As soon as we saw this in the store I immediately fell in love. It took a while for it to come into stock as it was very popular. We love the pram, it’s stylish and lasts up until roughly 4 years old and it’s compact. The things I love most about it is the fact that everything comes apart, which made it easier for us when trying to get it into our small boot. If you want a pram that is hardwearing and durable and still after a good looking pram, I would look at this one, it also comes in navy but we opted for the grey version as it was a more of a neutral colour.


5. Mam breast pump and bottles


This breast pump was my Saviour. Evie Latched on perfectly at birth and her first feed was 50 minutes long, but as soon as we came home we couldn’t get her to latch on properly resulting in me having to pump as much as I could until my supply came in so that she could eat. I really don’t think it would have come in as quickly as it did without it. The pump has two suction modes and a speed setting, it is also very easy to clean and sterilise and also comes with the manual part, A bottle and two storage containers which you can easily attach to the bottom of a MAM bottle and pump straight into that. I found it very easy to use and I wouldn’t of wanted anything different, it made pumping sessions so much easier and quicker rather than manual pumping.

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My Labour & Delivery Story

My Story starts when we went to our 36 week scan, we arrived at the hospital for the scan, during which we were told that the baby is all healthy and perfect except she was breech (bottom first) so i needed to see a doctor for our next steps. We waited to be seen by the doctor whom told us that we had two options 1. That I had a ECV (external cephalic version) Which is basically where a trained doctor uses different hand techniques to push on the stomach to manoeuvre the baby into the head first position. Or 2. That I opted for a planned C Section. I was adamant about avoiding a C Section at all costs so I opted for a ECV. we were told to come back a week later to be rescanned and if she hadn’t moved into the engaged position they would go ahead the next day with the ECV. So we went back and the baby still hadn’t engaged so we came back the next day and they tried the ECV. I was hooked up to monitors whilst they monitored the baby’s movements and heart rate. I was then injected with a muscle relaxer and they proceeded with the ECV. After various attempts of trying to get the baby to move it was unsuccessful  so the only option was to schedule a C Section for 39 weeks and 1 Day. 

On the 4th of February we arrived at the hospital at 7am. I was asked not to Eat from midnight and to only have sips of water until 6am when I needed to drink 250ml of Lucozade orange sport and not have another until after the procedure. When we Arrived  at the hospital they escorted us to my bed where I could put all my belongings. A midwife soon came around and they were inserting my cannula, checking all my vitals and giving me my gown. She told me that I was second on the list and that Me and kevin needed to be ready and dressed by 10:30am to walk down to theatre. 

10:30Am soon arrived and my mum, me and kevin headed down to theatre, my mum wasn’t allowed in the theatre with us only Kevin so she waited outside the theatre room in the waiting area for me to come out. When we arrived in the room we waited outside the recovery section whilst theatre was prepping for me. Once they were ready we were escorted into the room where I was propped up on the table whilst they numbed my back and put the spinal block in. After about 5 mins i was numb from the top down. It all happened rather quickly but the midwives in the theatre were very assuring keeping me calm. Kevin was amazing during making sure he took a tonne of photos. Within minutes they were inside tugging and pulling trying to get the baby out. about 5 minutes later they dropped the curtain in front of me and there she was my gorgeous daughter. She was covered in blood but she was perfect. I actually couldn’t believe how tiny she was i joked that she wasn’t mine because she was soo small. The midwives whisked her off to clean her up whilst the Doctors finished sewing me up. Within minutes I had her on my chest, I couldn’t stop staring at her, she was just soo perfect. After they had taken her off of me again they did all her checks and her and Kevin were escorted into the recovery room whilst they transferred me from the operating table to a hospital bed. I was then joined with Kevin in recovery where I was straight away given Evie Back to breastfeed her. In recovery we were there for about 20 minutes whilst they continued to monitor my vitals. we were then whisked away back to the ward and joined by my mum who was besotted with Evie. I was then given Tea and toast. After not eating since midnight and not drinking since 6am I was super happy with being able to drink and eat again. My brother and Dad arrived and met Evie, they were so in awe with her. 6 hours had passed and the midwife arrived to take my catheter out. I was then told to go take a shower. Kevin escorted me to the shower, where drying myself I collapsed and hit my head against the wall. I was then told I fainted where I lost a lot of blood in theatre when they tried to deliver the placenta and that it is common to faint in the shower after. Anyway after all our checks we were left alone and spent the night in hospital, Evie was good as gold and slept most of the time. At 2pm the next day we were discharged after all of our checks and bounty photos. I’ve inserted some photos below of Evie’s first photos.