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Our Favourite Buys

Recently becoming first time parents we’ve become accustomed to the baby buys. However when I first became pregnant it was very daunting as to what we actually needed to buy and what was a necessity rather than what we wanted and liked but didn’t really need. 

I remember spending hours scrolling through other peoples blogs as to what they bought that I would need. After having Evie I realised that certain things we bought didn’t actually work for her so the hours I spent reading through peoples blogs were pretty much a waste. 

However I did pick up a few products that Evie did actually like, I will list some of these down below with links attached.


  1. Sleepyhead of Sweden


I really didn’t want to make this purchase however much I really wanted one, after a mothercare near me was closing down and everything went on sale I finally gave in and bought one, I’m so grateful i did because Evie absolutely loves it. the sleepyhead is easily moveable and keeps her from moving around during her sleep, it prevents her from rolling over and I’m not 100% sure but I think it may have been partly the reason she has slept all night long since birth. I felt at ease at night knowing she is relatively safe from hurting herself. 

2. Arlo Baby Camera


We wasn’t going to really bother with a baby camera as she currently sleeps in the room with us until we move out of our parents home, but after the first night at the hospital I didn’t sleep as I was constantly watching to make sure she was breathing. We ended up spending a little bit of money and getting the Arlo baby camera. Im honestly so glad we did, it is amazing and has put my mind at ease, not only does it work with our amazon spot it also tracks the room conditions and tells me when motion & audio is detected. We have it set up to monitor only when she is in the room but the camera is on 24/7 so it acts as cctv for our room to which is quite handy. When you download the Arlo app you can also view the monitor when you’re out which is really good for Kevin when he is at work as he can check in on Evie.

3. Infantino Baby Carrier


We Bought this baby carrier so Kevin was able to carry Evie around as well as me, I have a wrap which I found to be ok but I preferred the carrier as she felt more secure but to be honest it was probably because I had no clue how to even wrap her properly. I can’t fault the carrier so far, its been super handy as Evie has never liked being left on her own, so getting jobs around the house done was super tricky with the carrier we were able to put it on and her in it and get on. The one we picked was 4 in 1 and is super handy for when she gets older.

4. Mothercare Journey Edit Pram


We were lucky enough to have our pram bought for us but for only £350 our mothercare pram is basically a cheaper version of a silver cross. As soon as we saw this in the store I immediately fell in love. It took a while for it to come into stock as it was very popular. We love the pram, it’s stylish and lasts up until roughly 4 years old and it’s compact. The things I love most about it is the fact that everything comes apart, which made it easier for us when trying to get it into our small boot. If you want a pram that is hardwearing and durable and still after a good looking pram, I would look at this one, it also comes in navy but we opted for the grey version as it was a more of a neutral colour.


5. Mam breast pump and bottles


This breast pump was my Saviour. Evie Latched on perfectly at birth and her first feed was 50 minutes long, but as soon as we came home we couldn’t get her to latch on properly resulting in me having to pump as much as I could until my supply came in so that she could eat. I really don’t think it would have come in as quickly as it did without it. The pump has two suction modes and a speed setting, it is also very easy to clean and sterilise and also comes with the manual part, A bottle and two storage containers which you can easily attach to the bottom of a MAM bottle and pump straight into that. I found it very easy to use and I wouldn’t of wanted anything different, it made pumping sessions so much easier and quicker rather than manual pumping.