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My Labour & Delivery Story

My Story starts when we went to our 36 week scan, we arrived at the hospital for the scan, during which we were told that the baby is all healthy and perfect except she was breech (bottom first) so i needed to see a doctor for our next steps. We waited to be seen by the doctor whom told us that we had two options 1. That I had a ECV (external cephalic version) Which is basically where a trained doctor uses different hand techniques to push on the stomach to manoeuvre the baby into the head first position. Or 2. That I opted for a planned C Section. I was adamant about avoiding a C Section at all costs so I opted for a ECV. we were told to come back a week later to be rescanned and if she hadn’t moved into the engaged position they would go ahead the next day with the ECV. So we went back and the baby still hadn’t engaged so we came back the next day and they tried the ECV. I was hooked up to monitors whilst they monitored the baby’s movements and heart rate. I was then injected with a muscle relaxer and they proceeded with the ECV. After various attempts of trying to get the baby to move it was unsuccessful  so the only option was to schedule a C Section for 39 weeks and 1 Day. 

On the 4th of February we arrived at the hospital at 7am. I was asked not to Eat from midnight and to only have sips of water until 6am when I needed to drink 250ml of Lucozade orange sport and not have another until after the procedure. When we Arrived  at the hospital they escorted us to my bed where I could put all my belongings. A midwife soon came around and they were inserting my cannula, checking all my vitals and giving me my gown. She told me that I was second on the list and that Me and kevin needed to be ready and dressed by 10:30am to walk down to theatre. 

10:30Am soon arrived and my mum, me and kevin headed down to theatre, my mum wasn’t allowed in the theatre with us only Kevin so she waited outside the theatre room in the waiting area for me to come out. When we arrived in the room we waited outside the recovery section whilst theatre was prepping for me. Once they were ready we were escorted into the room where I was propped up on the table whilst they numbed my back and put the spinal block in. After about 5 mins i was numb from the top down. It all happened rather quickly but the midwives in the theatre were very assuring keeping me calm. Kevin was amazing during making sure he took a tonne of photos. Within minutes they were inside tugging and pulling trying to get the baby out. about 5 minutes later they dropped the curtain in front of me and there she was my gorgeous daughter. She was covered in blood but she was perfect. I actually couldn’t believe how tiny she was i joked that she wasn’t mine because she was soo small. The midwives whisked her off to clean her up whilst the Doctors finished sewing me up. Within minutes I had her on my chest, I couldn’t stop staring at her, she was just soo perfect. After they had taken her off of me again they did all her checks and her and Kevin were escorted into the recovery room whilst they transferred me from the operating table to a hospital bed. I was then joined with Kevin in recovery where I was straight away given Evie Back to breastfeed her. In recovery we were there for about 20 minutes whilst they continued to monitor my vitals. we were then whisked away back to the ward and joined by my mum who was besotted with Evie. I was then given Tea and toast. After not eating since midnight and not drinking since 6am I was super happy with being able to drink and eat again. My brother and Dad arrived and met Evie, they were so in awe with her. 6 hours had passed and the midwife arrived to take my catheter out. I was then told to go take a shower. Kevin escorted me to the shower, where drying myself I collapsed and hit my head against the wall. I was then told I fainted where I lost a lot of blood in theatre when they tried to deliver the placenta and that it is common to faint in the shower after. Anyway after all our checks we were left alone and spent the night in hospital, Evie was good as gold and slept most of the time. At 2pm the next day we were discharged after all of our checks and bounty photos. I’ve inserted some photos below of Evie’s first photos.